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Peer Review and the NHMRC.    26/02/09

     NHMRC has recently provided a detailed explanation of its peer review mechanism. [More


Stanford's Tuition Hike Matches Harvard's -- Financial Assistance to Compensate.    26/02/09

    Last week TFW reported that Harvard University was to raise its undergraduate tuition 3.5% to US$33,696 (A$52,530) [More]


Australian - South African SKA "Partnership" Announced.    26/02/09

    South Africa and Australia are to collaborate in the development of the SKA pathfinder telescopes. [More]


Former Chief of CSIRO Division of Entomology to Head Britain's 1994 Group of Small Research-Intensive Universities.    25/02/09

    Paul Wellings' appointment comes at a taxing time. Not only is the UK in the throes of a deepening financial recession, universities' secretary, John Denham, is proposing to increase the differentiation between research and teaching universities. [More]


Governmentium and Administratium Make a Reappearance.    23/02/09

    A TFW reader, who being a recognizable member of the "establishment", requests anonymity has forwarded this elementary (particulate) view of the way things work. [More]


Elias Zerhouni: Science and Technology is the Best Guarantor of our Economic Future.    20/02/09 [More]


Kim Beazley Anointed Chancellor of ANU.    20/02/09

    ''Don't miss the graduations, keep out of the vice-chancellor's hair, give him or her advice when it is asked for, not otherwise''. [More


Choice as US Chief Science Adviser Nears Senate Confirmation.    19/02/09

     It bodes well that he has already secured four deputies (the last administration cut the number down to two). [More]


Obama Stimulus Package Allocates US$10 Billion to NIH.    19/02/09

     US$8.2 billion will be designated to fund grant applications already received and to supplement existing grants. [More]


Economic Downturn Hits Harvard Hard.    19/02/09

    Harvard's endowment, which stood at US$36.9 billion as of June last year has shrunk 22%, 1600 offered redundancy. [More


Education Investment Fund Gets a Board and is Reported to Set Up to Allocate "Bonus" Funding.    17/02/09

    An "announcement is expected later today approving a "bonus" funding round from the $8.7 billion Education Investment Fund" (EIF) as part of the government's economic stimulus package. [More]


Chief Scientist Calls for Nominations for Prime Minister's Science and Science Teaching Prizes.    17/02/09

    The nomination round, which is now open, will close at 5 pm on Friday 8 May 2009. [More]


Investment in Clean-Technology Sector Up Despite Economic Downturn.    16/02/09

    Nature reports venture capitalists raised less money and spent less money in 2008 than they did the previous year but...[More]


French Researchers, Lecturers and Students Intensify Protests.    14/02/09

    The wave of resistance to government reforms of the French university system this week swelled into a tsunami. [More]


European Union Releases Report on 27 E.U. Nations' Research Efforts.    14/02/09

     The report notes that the percentage of GDP spent on R&D continued to hover around 1.84% . [More]


The Contagion of the Bureaucratic Mindset.    13/02/09

    The UK bureaucracy which spawned the RAE continues to gestate and issue mice. [More]


AAAS President Lauds Barack Obama for Exhibiting "Intense Curiosity and a Willingness to Listen".    13/02/09 

    "Perhaps never before has a president successfully recruited so many scientific stars to his cabinet and other executive positions." [More]


Charles Darwin -- 200 Today.    12/02/09 [More]



Entries for the 2009 Eureka Prizes are Sought -- Closing Date is May 1, 2009.    11/02/09

    Presented annually by the Australian Museum, the Eureka Prizes reward excellence in the fields of research & innovation, science leadership, school science and science journalism & communication. [More]



UK Universities Await Publication of Broad Principles Determining Universities' Research Funding.    09/02/09

    Since 1992, when the former polytechnics became universities, there has been a tension between the benefits of sharing that label. [More


University of Sydney V-C Speaks Out.    07/02/09

    Michael Spence: Bipartisan approach is necessary to maintain our academic edge. [More]


Threat to Austrian Research Budget Prompts a Petition.    07/02/09

    Four of Austria's more influential scientists have instituted a petition in an attempt to persuade their government not to slash the nation's public research budget. [More]


French Researchers Honour Their Threat and Strike.    05/02/09

     Most French universities have little experience in managing human resources and research programs compared with the national research agencies. [More]


Cambridge Dons Smell Academic Freedom Under Threat.    05/02/09

    Cambridge dons accuse university of trying to change its constitution to make it easier to sack and silence staff. [More]


Confidential Roundtables Next Stop for Bradley and Cutler Reviews, Gillard Says So.    04/02/09 [More]


Elias Zerhouni: The greatest risk in periods of tight economic times... is to stop taking risks.    03/02/09

     A paper released on January 30 summarizing a workshop held on December 3 by the 2008 National Academies' Biology Summit on "The Role of the Life Sciences in Transforming America's Future". [More]


Rudd Government to Allot Additional $41.5 Billion Over Next Four Years to Bolster the Economy.    03/02/09

    FASTS has made available a tabulation of the funding that the Australian federal government will make available for infrastructure investment over the next four years in order to help alleviate the financial downturn. [More]


Science: So What? -- So Everything.    01/02/09

    The UK government in conjunction with the Royal Society have launched a new campaign to highlight the vital role science plays in people's everyday lives and in creating jobs. [More