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ANU Professor of Astronomy Penny Sackett Appointed Australian Chief Scientist.    30/09/08

    The appointment is to be full time and will remain in the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research. [More


Data Published Last Friday by the  Global Carbon Project Has Prompted an Open Letter To PM Rudd From Top Australian Climatologists.    29/09/08 [More]


Britain's Chief Science Adviser Pays the US a Visit and Has a Chat to Science.    26/09/08

    While the appointment of the next Australian Chief Scientist continues to remain a mystery John Beddington, appointed nine months ago to replace David King as UK Chief Scientific Advisor, has paid a short visit to the US. [More]


61 US Nobel Science Laureates Endorse Senator Barack Obama for US President.    26/09/08

    The country urgently needs a visionary leader who can ensure the future of our traditional strengths in science and technology. [More


2007 Atmospheric CO2 Concentration Highest in 650,000 Years.    25/09/08 [More]


Kim Carr: Australian universities generally earn less than 1% of their income from royalties, patents and licences.   

    Addressing today the "Open Access and Research Conference 2008" the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research said something of significance. What the consequences will be remains to be seen. [More]


2008 MacArthur Fellows Announced.    24/09/08

    This year's 25 winners of the so-called genius grants from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation range from an urban farmer to an astrophysicist. [More]


Head of Australia’s Information and Communications Technology Centre of Excellence, NICTA: Telstra Not Investing Enough in R&D.    23/09/08

    In an extended interview with Business Spectator's Tony Boyd Dr Skellern was critical of Telstra's lack of contribution to ICT research and development. [More


CSIRO's Wireless Local Area Network Patent Dispute Moves a Small Step Closer to Resolution.    23/09/08 [More]


Group of Eight Urge Government to Make Haste Regarding Innovations White Paper.    22/09/08

    The Chair of the Group of Eight, Alan Robson, has urged the federal government to treat as a matter of urgency, responding to the review of the National Innovation System by issuing its white paper. [More]


The Gathering Storm in US Maths, the Physical Sciences, and Engineering Remains Unaddressed.    20/09/08

    In 2005 it recommended doubling the investment in maths, physical sciences and engineering, and at a minimum, protecting the health sciences against inflation. What's happened? [More]


Where to for Questacon?    19/09/08

    The Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Kim Carr, today released the  review of Questacon, Australia's National Science and Technology Centre which was presented to him in July. [More]


Open Access Strikes Turbulence in US with Possible Australian Repercussions.    19/09/08

    Australia's federal Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Kim Carr has said he intends to implement reforms aimed at "unlocking public information and content, including the results of publicly funded research". [More]


Canada's Coming Election Holds Relevance for Australia.    18/09/08

    So far science policy doesn't appear to have even come up to periscope depth let alone surfaced, with the exception of the climate. [More


University of WA Looks to Go the Melbourne Model, While Both See Financial Challenges in the Offing.    17/09/08

    If UWA really believes that moving to become a predominantly graduate university will solve its financial problems, its on a search for the yellow brick road. [More


US Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Science Issues.    17/09/08

The following is reprinted from the September 16, 2008 New York Times. [More]


Queensland Academic Supercomputing Garners More Support with Fresh Injection of State Funding.    17/09/08

    The Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF) is to receive $8.5 million in State Government funding for supercomputing which is expected to leverage several times that amount. [More]


Senator Carr, Science and Nanotechnology.    16/09/08

    Although it received next to no coverage in the popular media, the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Kim Carr, gave a short address when last week he launched the Australian Association of Technological Sciences and Engineering's (ATSE) report on Energy and Nanotechnologies: Strategy for Australia's Future. [More]


Oxbridge Gets Brickbats for Being Socially Irresponsible.    15/09/08 [More]


ANU Vice-Chancellor Advocates funding and performance of universities must be far more tightly linked.    11/09/08

    To mark the launch of the second ANU poll Professor Ian Chubb, vice-chancellor of the Australian National University (ANU) spoke at length regarding its findings. [More


Stem Cell, Where Do You Come From?    11/09/08 [More]


Chair of the Review of Australia's National Innovation System Has a Few Words.    10/09/08

    Dr Terry Cutler, Chair of the National Innovation Review, joined the Minister of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Kim Carr, at the press conference yesterday. [More]


Education at a Glance 2008: OECD Indicators Published Today.    10/09/08

    "The indicators look at who participates in education, what is spent on it and how education systems operate and at the results achieved. [More


Review of Higher Education Green Paper Dumped.    09/09/08

    Professor Denise Bradley's Higher Education Review committee has decided to forgo issuing a green paper for public discussion / consultation. [More]


Rudd Government Releases Innovation Green Paper.    09/09/08

    The Cutler Review has done a fine job in talking the talk, the question is now how well will Kevin Rudd's government walk the walk. [More


NASA's Climate Scientist, James Hansen, Speaks Out Against Coal.    09/09/08

    The director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, James Hansen, gained world-wide public attention when early last year he railed against political interference regarding scientific reports. [More]


Royal Society Lashes UK Pollies for Poor Science/Maths Education Policies.    06/09/08

    A major new report on science and maths education published by the Royal Society yesterday is highly critical of governmental policies. [More]


AAAS Comments on US V-P's Views in Respect of Some Scientific Matters.    06/09/08

    "She believes that human activities are not responsible for global climate change." [More]


When the BHP V-P for Health, Safety, Environment, Community and Sustainability Came to Call.    04/09/08

    TFW has been informed by a former high-ranking CSIRO scientist of a protest by unclothed CSIRO scientists in Melbourne last week [More


Australian Laureate Fellowships to Replace the Federation Fellowships Introduced in 2001 by Federal Coalition.    04/09/08 -*revised 05/09/08

    Up to 15 Australian Laureate Fellowships will be awarded every year. Each fellowship will be worth around $600,000p/a over five years [More]


Higher Education Bill 2008 Passed by Senate.    04/09/08

    The bill is designed to allow Australian universities to decide the governance structures that best suit their circumstances, and to remove the Higher Education Workplace Relations Requirements. [More]


Essential Science Indicators database Ranks Australian Universities in top 50 in 4 of 22 Categories.    03/09/08 [More]


Former Vice President, Technology, BHP Billiton Appointed CSIRO Chief Executive.    03/09/08

    Dr. Megan Clark has been appointed to a five-year term to replace Dr Geoff Garrett as chief executive of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. [More


US National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS) Launched.    02/09/08

    With US$16 million of federal funding over five years it will have the aim of doing basic research rather than providing rapid-response advice on vaccination or culling in response to a disease outbreaks. [More