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What Consequence UK Plans to Beat Global Higher Education Competitors.    29/08/08

    While the Rudd Labor government awaits the results of its clutch of reviews the UK government has set a 15-year deadline to equip its higher education system to meet and beat its global competitors. [More]


Gavin Moodie Asks: Why is the Rudd Government having so much difficulty introducing its response to voluntary student unionism?    29/08/08 [More]


FASTS Collates Public Funding for R&D 2000 through 2007.    29/08/08

     Updated data on Government and Higher Education R&D expenditure from 2000/1 - 2006/7 are detailed. [More]


Bradley Higher Education Review Seeks Advice from the Professionals.    27/08/08

    Once upon a time there was a spinster who owned an oversexed tom cat and when he came back yet once more after a night on the tiles... [More]


La Trobe Universities Vice-Chancellor Makes a Cogent Observation - Will the Bradley Review Take Note?    27/08/08

    The vice-chancellor of La Trobe University, Paul Johnson, gave an extensive interview to The Australian's Andrew Trounson which may be summarized as Professor Johnson railing against the Go8 universities' drive for deregulation of tuition fees. [More]


"Seeking the World's Students".    26/08/08

    An opinion piece in the International Herald Tribune highlights the increasing competition for tertiary and post tertiary students. [More]


The Higher Education Endowment Fund Receives 55 Expressions of Interest.    23/08/08

    The funds to be made available for this first round will be $304 million with grants expected to be in the range of  $10 million to $100 million. [More]


Ferociously Intelligent Former Vice-Chancellor Battles With the Most Amorphous Terms of Reference.    23/08/08

    Denise Bradley as she works to create the Higher Education Review for the federal government. [More]


The Hobbit and the Stork.    22/08/08

    A paper at a meeting in Sydney presented evidence that H. floresiensis had as a companion on Flores an outsized stork which towered over it. [More]


Julia Gillard Addresses Western Chances.    21/08/08

    The Minister for Education and Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Julia Gillard, addressed Melbourne's Western Chances organisation this morning speaking of this and that. [More]


Just a Canadian Thought Regarding Micromanagement: Take Care How You Manipulate.    21/08/08 [More]


Eureka Prizes for 2008 Awarded.    20/08/08

    In all twenty prizes were awarded totalling $200,000. [More


Now It's the IDG to Fix the ERA.    19/08/08

    In a joint announcement the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Senator Kim Carr, and CEO of the Australian Research Council (ARC), Professor Margaret Sheil, proclaimed "the establishment of an Indicators Development Group (IDG)..." [More]


AAAS CEO Alan Leshner Does a Bit of Spruiking on Projects to Further the Garnering of Future Scientists.    19/08/08 [More]


Shanghai's Jiao Tong University's Institute of Higher Education Publishes its Sixth Annual Listing of the World's top 500 Research Universities.    15/08/08 [More]


Don't Forget Upping Fuel Efficiency.    15/08/08

     MIT's director of the Center for 21st Century Energy and the Sloan Automotive Laboratory makes the case for what comes before hybrids and hydrogen. [More]


Electricity Without Carbon. Nature Publishes a Special Issue to Help Rationalise the Debate.    14/08/08

    The editorial in today's issue of Nature A task of terawatts introduces the journal's assessment of the challenge of producing man's future use of electrical energy without marked destruction of the planet's milieu. [More]


Two Years Into the Job UNSW V-C Fred Hilmer Talks Sense - Will Messrs Rudd and Carr and Ms Gillard Listen?    13/08/08

    His opinion piece in today's Australian sets out several touchstones worthy of the Rudd Labor government's very serious consideration. [More]


New CEO of CSIRO Rumoured to Have been Appointed but Has Yet to be Announced.    13/08/08 [More]


Howard/Nelson Push for Voluntary Student Unionism Has Desired Effect.    12/08/08 [More]


Oxford and Elitism.    12/08/08

On August 5 The Guardian published an article with the header Here on display was the great fissure in class, race, style, attitude, background, life-experience and confidence. [More]


ANU Vice-Chancellor Appointed to CSIRO Board.    12/08/08

     The Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Kim Carr, today announced the appointment of Australian National University's vice-chancellor, Ian Chubb, as a part-time member of the CSIRO Board. [More]


Bob Park: "I recommend to everyone the important and courageous guest editorial in today’s edition of Science".    09/08/08 [More]


Reviews, Inquiries and Consultations.    07/08/08

    There are some 25 reviews, inquiries and consultations, to which Universities Australia, numerous other bodies and individuals have or will respond, which impinge upon higher education and research. [More]


Top 10 Endowed UK Universities.    07/08/08

    The Guardian earlier this week published its table of the ten best endowed universities in Britain nine of which are in England. Cambridge tops the list with A$1.93 billion and Oxford second with A$1.49 billion. [More]


UK Medical Research Council CEO Defends Its Support for Basic Research.    07/08/08

    A note in the "Correspondence" section of today's Nature comes out in defence of the UK Medical Research Council's (MRC) support for basic research. [More


Review of Australia's Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Released.     05/08/08

    The Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Kim Carr, has released the report of the the review of Australia's Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) program. [More]


Group of Eight Releases Submission to Review of Australian Higher Education.    05/08/08

    Its overall recommendation is a radical recasting of our current post-Dawkins blancmange. [More


A New Zealand Approach to PhD Recruitment: Will the Bradley Review Take Notice.    04/08/08

    In 2006 New Zealand undertook to treat foreign PhD candidates comparably to New Zealand's with promising results. [More


A Champion Tells Congress Why Statistics is GOOD!    02/08/08 [More]