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February 2006




India's National Paper Promotes Australia's Planet Road Show.    (25/02/06)  [More]


Government Suppression of Scientific Findings Gets Top Billing in Nature.    (23/02/06)

    Nobel Laureate and AAAS President-elect David Baltimore urged scientists to challenge perceived censorship of their research. "It is no accident that we are seeing such extensive suppression of science. It is part of a theory of government, the unitary executive." [More]


Lawrence Summers Resigns Harvard Presidency.    (23/02/06)

    Harvard President Lawrence Summers announced yesterday he would resign the presidency effective June 30, 2006. [More]


A New Definition of Chutzpah -- Government Appoints Two New CSIRO Board Members Connected to Fossil Fuel Industry.    (22/02/06) [More]


"Allegations that the Government has 'gagged' CSIRO scientists are ludicrous." Julie Bishop, Federal Minister for Education, Science and Training (17/02/06).    (22/02/06)

    Whether or not allegations of the gagging of its scientists are or aren't ludicrous, someone or other in authority must have whispered into CSIRO Chief Executive Dr. Geoffrey Garrett's ear that a riposte of some sort was required, and quick, because yesterday the following statement was released by CSIRO. [More]


The Greenhouse Mafia: Part II.    (21/02/06)

    Clive Hamilton, Chair, Climate Institute (Australia) and Executive Director of The Australia Institute, Australian National University in an address given yesterday before the Australia and New Zealand Climate Change and Business Conference has significantly amplified the views expressed to the ABC's  Four Corners by Dr Guy Pearse. [More]


Harvard's Dean of Arts and Sciences Resigns -- Sparking Accusations of Coercion Against President Lawrence Summers.     (20/02/06)

     On January 27 William C. Kirby Harvard's Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), the university's largest faculty, resigned amid reports in The Harvard Crimson that university president, Lawrence Summers, had forced him out. [More]


The Gag Here and There -- The Washington Times -- Nature -- Science.    (18/02/06)

        The censoring of CSIRO scientists has been syndicated by Agence France-Presse and among the newspapers picking up the story is The Washington [DC]Times. [More


CSIRO Somewhat Below Average as a Customer Server.    (17/02/06)

    CSIRO's quarterly evaluation of the satisfaction of its clients, the Customer Value Survey was published on January 6 but made publicly available on February 15. [More]


Supply and Demand in the Japanese Whale Meat Market.    (16/02/06) [More]


Is There a Possibility the New Minister for Education, Science and Training  May be Able to Clean Up the Augean Stables?    (15/02/06)

    For Hercules' fifth labour, Eurystheus ordered him to clean up King Augeas' stables. He knew it would be a dirty, smelly job, but sometimes even a hero has to do these things. [More]


Universities Entwined in Growing Red Tape Hope Their New Minister Will Listen and then Undertake to Obtain Cabinet Agreement to Administer a Cure.    (13/02/06) [More]


Governed by the Irrational.    (10/02/06)

    The debate and the public pronouncements by many of our federal parliamentarians considering the transfer of decision making regarding the availability of the abortion inducing drug RU486 (Mifepristone, a synthetic steroid) from the Federal Minister for Health and Ageing of the day, to the Therapeutic Good Administration has produced a torrent of irrational argument. [More]


Where Has Intelligent Design Gone... Where is it Going?    (10/02/06)

    This past January a rural southern California high school began a month long course on the "Philosophy of Design," exploring issues such as "why is intelligent design [ID] gaining momentum," despite the recent judgement in the Dover Pennsylvania school board case. [More]


The Pot Holes in the Road Toward a Functional European Research Council Remain.    (09/02/06)

    A power struggle between the European Parliament and member states of the European Union (EU) threatens to delay the start date of the EU's next funding programme for research. [More]


Stop Your Whinging, Go Set Up a Lemonade Stand.    (09/02/06)

    Not all that long ago that was the sort of advice you might have gotten from one or the other of your parents when you were hectoring for an increase in your allowance. [More]


Open Access Journal, Biology Direct, to Publish Peer Reviews Along with Reviewed Article.    (08/02/06)

    Authors will be responsible for obtaining reviewers' reports, via the journal's Editorial Board; making the peer review process open rather than anonymous; reviewers' reports along with the articles will be published. [More]


US Research Budget for 2007.    (07/02/06)

    Presidential science advisor Jack Marburger describes as basic research in the physical sciences that which is "most likely to generate the sort of results that will create technologies to improve U.S. competitiveness." [More]


Ms Bishop and the Guessing Game.    (07/02/06)

    Since taking over as Minister for Education, Science and Training Julie Bishop has, from a public viewpoint, been rather like Brer Rabbit, lyin' low and saying very little. [More]


Switzerland's News and Information Service Reports on the International Alliance of Research Universities.    (06/02/06) [More]


Opening of the 2006 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes Announced.    (02/02/06) [More]


Parties Unite on Funding for Higher Education -- In the US State of Virginia.    (01/02/06)

    "Virginia's top political leaders, including its two potential presidential candidates, united Monday on a common goal: Boost funding for research at colleges and universities, because the state cannot afford a brain drain." [More]