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June 2005



Nelson: A University Education is a Privilege. The AVCC Sees it as a Right; So do the US' Most Prestigious Private Institutions.    (30/06/05)

    Ticky Fullerton asked the Minister for Education, Science and Training, Brendan Nelson in the ABC Four Corners program The Degree Factories (June 27) as to how he viewed a university education. [More]


Australian Research Council Federation Fellowships 2005.    (29/06/05)

    Twenty-four 2005 Federation Fellowships have been awarded of which 15 are resident in Australia, 4 are returning expats and 5 are citizens of the USA or the UK. [More]


Professor Scott O'Neill Awarded $A9 Million by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to Attempt to Develop a Method to Eliminate Dengue Fever.    (29/06/05)

    Scott O'Neil is Head of the School of Life Sciences - University of Queensland. [More]


Golf's US Master's Champ Puts in a Drive for Maths and Science.    (29/06/05) [More]


Australia's Degree Factories -- ABC's Four Corners Partially Examines the State of Australia's Universities.    (28/06/05)

    On Monday, June 27 on Australian Broadcasting Company television: "The Degree Factories" -- Four Corners looked at what it terms is today's university crisis and what the future holds for Australia's university sector. [More]


ARC Discovery Grant and Linkage Grant Funding 2005 vs 2004.    (27/06/05)

    Just a short view of ARC funding for Discovery and Linkage Grants made for 2005 vs those made in 2004 (not adjusted for inflation). [More]


Professor Glyn Davis, Vice-Chancellor University of Melbourne, to be Next Chair of the Group of Eight.    (27/06/05)

    With his taking up of the Vice-Chancellorship of Melbourne University in January this year, Glyn Davis, together with ANU's VC, Ian Chubb, has marked himself as one of the most outspoken of Australian Universities' Vice-Chancellors. [More]


Dr Nelson and the Bromides in Defence of the Liberal Government's Australian Workplace Relations Reforms.    (27/06/05)

    Last Thursday the Minister for Education, Science and Training, Brendan Nelson, introduced into Federal Parliament the government's legislation to revise industrial relations at Australia's tertiary educational institutions. [More]