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Documents & Articles / Links

Backing Australia's Ability: PM's Innovation Paper 29 Jan. 2001

A Chance to Change, 1143k

Primary Education Our Future - Media Release, 27k  

 Innovation: Unlocking the Future, 275k

Primary Principals' Education Report Our Future in full, 183k  

 Innovation Summit Background Material

Year Book Australia 2001 - Science and Innovation - Keith Boardman

 Teaching Science and Maths in the US, 1900k
 Teaching Science and Maths in the US, 205k

Labor's The Comparative Performance of Australia as a Knowledge Nation  

  The Group of Eight's 29 page plea: Research and Innovation: Australia's Future

Measuring the OECD's Information and Communications Technology Sector Universities in Crisis - Senate Report, Sept. 2001
Our Universities: backing Australia's Future DEST policy AV-CC response to DEST Policy Document