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1st term of 2020/21, סמסטר א' תשפ"א
Calculus II (210.1150) חשבון אינפיניטסימלי ב
2nd term of 2019/20, סמסטר ב' תש"פ
1st term of 2019/20, סמסטר א' תש"פ
2nd term of 2018/19, סמסטר ב' תשע"ט
1st term of 2018/19, סמסטר א' תשע"ט
2nd term of 2017/18, סמסטר ב' תשע"ח
1st term of 2017/18, סמסטר א' תשע"ח
2nd term of 2016/17, סמסטר ב' תשע"ז
1st term of 2016/17, סמסטר א' תשע"ז
2nd term of 2015/16, סמסטר ב' תשע"ו
1st term of 2015/16, סמסטר א' תשע"ו
2nd term of 2014/15, סמסטר ב' תשע"ה
1st term of 2014/15, סמסטר א' תשע"ה

Old teaching at the University of Alberta
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Old teaching at the Technion
Spring 2009/10, Winter 2010/11: Fourier Series and Integral Transforms (104214)


I am a faculty member at the University of Haifa.
Before coming to Haifa, I was a Max Wyman Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta, Canada.
Previously, I was an Anna and Paul Erdős Postdoctoral Fellow at the Technion,
where my host was Baruch Solel.
My Ph.D. is from Bar-Ilan University. My advisor was Shmuel Kantorovitz.

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