Toufik Mansour's visitors and students

Feb, 2013 Margaret Archibald (University of Cape Town).
March-May, 2015 Mark Shattuck (University of Tennessee).
June, 2015 Aubrey Blecher (University of Witwatersrand).
July, 2016 Taekyun Kim (Kwangwoon University) and Seog-Hoon Rim (Kyungpook National University).
November, 2017Matthias Schrok.
November, 2019Matthias Schrok.

Post Doctoral students:
2007-2008 Andrei Asinowski.
2010-2011 Mark Shattuck.
April-August, 2012 Mark Shattuck.
2012-2014 David G.L. Wang.
2018(Jul-Aug) Gokhan Yildirim.
2018-2020 Elumalai Suresh.

Ph.D. students:
2004-2007 Ghassan Firro, Distanced Patterns.
2008-2010 Ghalib Nassar, Gray codes, Loopless Algorithms and Combinatorics
2012-2015 Tayeed Eljamal, Comparison among Five Arab States and Israel Concerning Math Textbooks in Grades 1st - 3rd.
2014-2016 Armend Sh. Shabani (Prishtine, Republic of Kosova), Statistics on some Combinatorial Families.
2012-2016 Walaa Asakly, Combinatorial Structures and Statistics.
2014-2018 Orli Herscovici, Application of Umbral Calculus and q-Calculus Methods to Polynomial Functions.

Master Students:
2005-2006 Sarhan Bassel, Probabilistic Method and Compositions.
2005-2007 Mohammd Ayoub, Combinatorics and Permutations Avoiding 3-letter Pattern.
2007-2008 Ghalib Nassar, Gray codes, Loopless Algorithms and Combinatorics.
2007-2009 Nohad Mbarieky, Partitions of a Set and Dyck paths.
2009-2010 Maisoon Falah, Combinatorics and Compositions.
2010-2012 Walaa Asakly, Random Geometric Variables and Statistics.
2012-2014 Kawakib Safe, Statistics on Dyck paths.
2017-2019 Ranya Rayan, On Differential Equations Involving a Paragrassmann Variable.
2018- 2019Shahd Mhameed, Differential Equations Involving Caputo Fractional Derivative
2017- 2020Mariam Khalil, Investigating the effect of vaccine against infectious disease using mathematical models