Travel information for  Gainesville

Gainesville Regional Airport is served by four major carriers, by Delta, (from Atlanta), by USAirways (from Charlotte), by Northwest (from Memphis), and by Continental (from Miami and Tampa). Delta has most flights among these.

When flying from North America, it is often much cheaper to fly to one of the big airports in the area, Jacksonville FL, (75 miles), Orlando (125 miles), or Tampa (140 miles), and then rent a car. When flying from another continent, one can usually get the same price when flying to Gainesville.

The mentioned big airports are served by all major carriers. If you rent a car, and want to use the travel support we give you to pay for it, you have to rent from AVIS, and use the A-number A113400. This is because of
a contract between AVIS and the state of Florida .

Taxi Service at the Gainesville Airport is not completely reliable. If you fly to Gainesville Airport, and you stay in the Holiday Inn , pick up the Courtesy Phone across from Baggage Claim, and you will be connected to Holiday Inn. Tell them that you want to be picked up, and they will send a shuttle for you.

If you fly to Gainesville Airport, and you do not stay in the Holiday Inn , send an email to with your arrival time, and flight number. Someone from the Mathematics Department will pick you up.