Leah Epstein

home page


I am a faculty member at

the Department of Mathematics in the University of Haifa

My email is lea at math dot haifa dot ac dot il


My research is usually on

(On-line and Off-line) problems, approximation algorithms and polynomial time algorithms,

Scheduling, Load Balancing, Bin Packing Type Problems, and Graph problems..



Editorial boards:

Operations Research Letters
Discrete Optimization
Journal of Scheduling
Acta Informatica

Program committees:

CSR 2016

WAOA 2015
Europar 2015 (topic 10: Theory and Algorithms for Parallel Computation)
LATIN 2014
WAOA 2013
ICALP 2013 track A
ESA 2012 (track A) PC chair
MAPSP 2011
STACS 2011
ESA 2010 (track A)
Europar 2010 (topic 3: Scheduling and Load Balancing)
FUN 2010
LATIN 2010
SWAT 2008
AAIM 2008
MAPSP 2007
WAOA 2006
ESA 2006 (track B)
WADS 2005