My Students: I have had the pleasure of advising these students in their graduate research work at the University of Haifa.

Joseph Segman, Iterative Algorithms and Entropy Optimization in Image Reconstruction from Projections, M.A. Thesis, June 1986.
Milena Radinsky, Experimental Investigation of Block-Iterative Algorithms, M.A. Thesis, November 1996.
Maroun Zaknoon, Block-Iterative Algorithms on Circular Cones for Training of Classification Machines, M.A. Thesis, December 1996.
Carmit Kolman-Meir, Investigation of Iterative Algorithms and Applications, M.A. Thesis, November 1998.
Yael Zepkowitz-Malachi, Algorithms for Projecting A Point Onto An Intersection of Convex Sets, Ph.D. Thesis, May 2001.
Eli Tom, A Study of String Averaging and Block-Iterative Projection Algorithms, M.A. Thesis, March 2003.
Maroun Zaknoon, Algorithmic Developments for the Covex Feasibility Problem, Ph.D. Thesis, April 2003.
Arkady Aleyner, Best Approximation to the Common Fixed Points Set of A Semigroup of Nonexpansive Operators in A Hilbert Space, M.Sc. Thesis, April 2004.
Alexander Segal, Investigations of Iterative Algorithms for Solving Quasiconvex Feasibility Problems, M.Sc. Thesis, May 2004.
Nirit Kopf, A Solution Method for the Multiple-Sets Split Feasibility Problem, M.Sc. Thesis, November 2004.
Avi Motova, Algorithmic Developments for the Multiple-Sets Split Feasibility Problemi, M.Sc. Thesis, July 2006.
Aviv Gibali, Investigation of Iterative Algorithms for Solving Variational Inequality Problem, M.Sc. Thesis, November 2007.
Alexander Segal, Directed Operators for Common Fixed Point Problems and Convex Programming Problems, Ph.D. Thesis, September 2008.
Aviv Gibali, Algorithms for Solving Monotone Variational Inequalities and Applications, Ph.D. Thesis, May 2012 (jointly supervised with Prof. Simeon Reich from the Technion).
Rafiq Mansour, New Douglas-Rachford Algorithmic Structures and Their Convergence Analyses, M.Sc. Thesis, December 2014.
Rafiq Mansour, Ph.D. Thesis, in progress.
Ariel Nisenbaum, M.Sc. Thesis, in progress.

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